Dance, move and spin with us at our 5th annual prop, performance and flow workshops on February 21 & 22, 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta!
Be inspired by a variety of movement workshops, advance your skills or develop new ones, and meet some other awesome people in your community who love to spin too!


Hoops – Poi – Staff – Buugeng – Contact Staff – Double Staff – Sabres – Toss Juggling – Contact Juggling – Contortion – Bellydance – Hip Hop Dance – Ecstatic Dance – Long String Flow Wand – Short String Flow Wand – Costume Making – Performance Makeup – Fire Safety – Rope Dart – Laughter Yoga – Yoga – Fan Tech – Folding Fans – Burlesque…

…these are just some of the workshops we’ve offered in the previous 4 years!


Did you come here looking for information on SpinMilk? You’ve found us! It’s our fifth and biggest year and to celebrate we’ve undergone some changes, including a new name!